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Serenity - H.264 HD 720p "On HD DVD" Trailer
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Title: Serenity - H.264 HD 720p "On HD DVD" Trailer
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Video Format: H.264
Video Resolution: 1280x720
Audio Format: AAC
Audio Details: 48 kHz, VBR
Encoding Method: Converted using Xbox 360 H.264 Conversion Guide (trailer is Xbox 360 compatible). For playback instructions, please refer to our H.264 playback guide.
Date Added: May 31, 2007
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A galactic civil war is raging, and Captain Malcolm Reynolds is on the losing side of it. But instead of battling it out with the enemy for the greater common good, he commits all manner of petty crimes and runs a transport-for-hire business out of his ship, Serenity. His life changes, however, when he picks up a young doctor and his nutso, telepathic sister and subsequently finds himself pulled into the fray between warring factions.

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